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Dear sir we need liquid of CALCIUM + Vitamins 300ml bottle   100,000 bottles made in Europe any pharmaceuticals companies can manufactures in europa please cantact us ...

Origin: Afghanistan
Category: Calcium Iodate (E916)
Quantities: 100,000 bottles 300ml bottles
Turabi Pharmaceuticals Group Companies

Afghanistan Mazer shraif

kabul, 19000


Selling Offers:

NTG ethanol is certified in Estonia (No TA1625675-KT), which attests, that the product complies with the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) (15 January 2008) on the strong alcoholic...

Origin: Estonia
Category: Ethanol (E1510)
Quantities: 10000L
Nordic Trading Group

Tähetorni 16-1

Tallinn, 11625


Selling Offers:

Natural antioxidants (for food, drink, cosmetics and health product), The third generation high quality natural antioxidantRA 5%, 10%, 20% (water soluble);CA20%, 60% (oil soluble)

Origin: China
Category: Extracts Of Rosemary (E392)
Naturife S.A.

No.57-106, 715Nong, Min'An Road, Ningbo, China

Ningbo, 315040


Selling Offers:

potassium iodate (I58.5%)

Origin: China
Category: Potassium Iodate (E917)
Huanghua Jinhua Additives Co.Ltd.

Garden,Zhenli Road,Hebei District,Tianjin

Tian Jin, 300250


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